Hilo, HI


Fun days well spent by a few of all beautiful waterfalls in Hilo! After tomorrow, Sunday, it's time to incorporate the concept of sleeping again. 
Added several new songs on my playlist yesterday, one of them I just can't get out of my head. The lyrics just fit me like a glove, and suddenly you feel like someone understands you even if for a single moment. The song is called "I'm gonna show you Crazy" by - Bebe Rexha. 
It's been a crazy week of school, soccer practice has started again and some partying with friends. Next week is going to contain almost 2 workouts/day, more school work and hopefully some fun in between. My mood has literally been goning up and down all week. I guess you can't do anything else then wake up and do the best of what ever the day gives you. During the week I succeeded in switching my history class to another Hawaiian studies class instead. The world history class was so boring and had a lot of heavy reading every week, it's definitely  gonna be fun to learn more about hawaii during my time here instead. My schedule now contains a online biology class, Hawaiian ethnozoology, psychology and health promotion. 
I've been enjoying spending some time here and there with some new friends from all around the U.S that are here just for the semester. But mostly I've been hanging out with my old buddies Kayla and Laura and some other friends I know from last semester. 
Music keeps filling my heart, it makes every moment, sad or happy, so much better! Tonight "Only One" by Kanye West will be the last song, it's so beautiful. I also skyped with my brother, so happy I have him. He understands a lot and encourage the adventures sides of me, witch is so fun. Wish you were here and could share all the fun with me. 
Oh and by the way I have a roommate this semester!! Her name is Isabella and she is the best roommate I could ever wish for. So much fun and the nicest person from Massachusetts. Also I'm in love with sushi! Last week I  tasted sushi for the first time, so good!
How am I ever suppose to adapt to life in Sweden after this. I'm just gonna have to find a way to get some adrenaline rushes in our flat landscape back home haha. 
Many random pictures, all the amazing photos are coming soon when I get all the photos from Kayla and Laura's GoPro cameras. Might actually buy one myself soon!?

Postat av: Thomas Larsson

Så bra du skriver på engelska.
PS. Du glömde skriva att någon annan hade sett val där innan.
Kram Thomas & Lenita

Svar: Tack. haha det är många som har sett valar där ifrån, kan ju inte nämna alla.

Postat av: Thomas Larsson

Inte alla bara en
Kram Thomas & Lenita

Postat av: Stenne

Hej min vän! Roligt att följa din blogg, men jag har lite svårt att förstå allt då jag är rätt svag på utrikiska. Gör så gott jag kan och man säger ju att övning ger färdighet så jag tragglar vidare. Jätte fina bilder på dig och dina kompisar. Kul att du fått en rumskamrat som du verka trivas med, det är ju viktigt när man kommer så nära varandra. Kram Stenne

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